A Partnership with Asia, journeys beyond boarders


Focusing on you, your needs, and your passengers' needs


The APERTUS team has considerable experience and knowledge working in the private jet industry; having worked across multiple layers that comprise the industry we understand the fundamentals and are equipped to deliver consistent and exceptional levels of service across the globe.

The benefits of partnering with us:

  • APERTUS focuses on offering a truly bespoke product that is individually tailored to you and your passengers' needs

  • We are an experienced and reputable team that has kept pace with all relevant industry developments, globally

  • Our extensive professional industry network extends globally ensuring you a seamless experience throughout the world

  • We focus on you and your passengers' needs, and are committed to offer unrivaled levels of professional service and expertise

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"not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted"

— Albert Einstein, Theoretical PHYSICIST


At APERTUS, we pride ourselves on our ability to comprehensively bridge distances between people. The team's strength lays in our ability to understand and manage expectations between East and West, ensuring consistent charter flight experiences across the globe. It is our commitment to offer a bespoke service that caters to all passengers' needs efficiently, expertly and safely.