Beijing Capital Airport is known as one of the busiest airports globally serving the capital city of worlds’ fastest growing economy. It has been reported to be the second busiest airport in the world since 2010, behind Hartsfield Jackson International Airport of Atlanta, USA.

The Beijing Capital Airport was first opened in 1958. Over the years it’s gone through multiple transformation and expansion projects in order to handle a capacity of 76 million passengers annually. Although it’s experienced multiple expansion projects it is still not able to meet the rapid growth of demand.

In 2013 the Chinese State Council officially approved for construction of a new airport name the Beijing Daxing International Airport which would have the capacity handling 120 to 200 million passengers a year. Together with Beijing Capital Airport, the initial proposal is that the two airports together could handle more than 200 million of passengers annually.

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In 2016, Beijing Capital Airport handled a approximate 94 million passengers, then 95 million passengers in 2017. It is no longer able to handle the projected growth of traffic to the capital city of China.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport is a 12.2 billion USD project, with 7 runways and over 7 hundred thousand square meters of terminal space. It is designed to handle 6 hundred and twenty thousand flights and 72 million passengers per year at its full capacity by 2025 and further growth in long term. It would be the Aviation Hub of Northern China.

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Designed by Zaha Hadid, a renowned Iraqi-British architect who also designed famous pieces such as the Aquatic Center for the London 2012 Olympics, Michigan State University’s Broad Art Museum in the USA, and in China, the Guangzhou Opera House, Galaxy SOHO Complex and Wangjing SOHO Complex in Beijing. The starfish-shaped terminal complex of Daxing Airport has a column-free flowing roofline designed to create a sense of scale and orientation, welcoming the world to Beijing. It has been designed with efficiency in mind.

IN October 2019, the first phase of the Beijing Daxing International Airport will start welcoming its first flights.


北京空中交通的增长 - 新北京大兴国际机场




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北京大兴国际机场由著名的伊英建筑师Zaha Hadid设计,她的设计作品闻名于世界,如2012年伦敦奥运会水上运动中心,美国密歇根州立大学的博物馆,以及中国的广州歌剧院,北京市银河SOHO综合体,和北京市望京SOHO Complex。Zaha Hadid对大兴机场的设计中,在海星形码头综合体上设计了一个无柱流动的屋顶线,旨在营造规模和方向感,欢迎世界到北京,同时也在设计中考虑了效率。