Apertus Hagibis.JPG

Super Typhoon Hagibis , rated category 5, higest issued by Meteorological Agency (JMA) is one of the most powerful typhoons of the year on course in affect major parts of Japan, including Tokyo this weekend. 24,000 households in Kanto Region are without electricity while major prefectures including Kanagawa, Saitama, Gunma, Tokyo, Chiba is also largely affected.

It is forecasted that this will pass near Metro Tokyo with maximum sustained winds of above 150 km/h and gusts in excess of 200 km/h. Airlines in Japan has cancelled more than 1,600 domestic flights in response to the unsafe operation.

Major airports on route are affected by Typhoon Hagibis, below listing some of them :

  • Osaka Kansai International Airport RJBB

  • Chubu Centrair International Airport RJGG

  • Tokyo Narita International Airport RJAA

  • Tokyo Haneda International Airport RJTT

  • Sapporo New Chitose Airport RJCC

  • Shizuoka Airport RJNS

  • Aomori Airport RJSA

  • Niigata Airport RJSN

  • Hakodate Airport RJCH

For all private jet inbound / outbound Japan airports in the coming 5 days it is recommended to take extreme cautious with planning and take advise from local handlers.