Milan Linate Airport is one of three international airports in Metropolitan Milan, as the last major renovation had occurred more than 30 years ago, they will be temporary closing for an upgrade from 27th July until 27th October. Besides Malpensa Airport, you can also consider the following options.

米兰利纳特机场是意大利米兰大都区的三大机场之一,该机埸上一次改修是在30多年前,今年7月27日至10月27日,该机场将临时关闭,进行再次改修升级。 除了米兰马尔彭萨机场外,您还可以考虑使用以下机场:

Milan Bergamo Airport (Orio al Serio International Airport)  米兰贝加莫机场  :

Bergamo Airport VIP Lounge

Bergamo Airport VIP Lounge

  • They are the third busiest international airport in Italy, located in the municipal territory of Orio al Serio, southeast of Bergamo in Italy.

  • It located just 45 km Northeast of Milan, less 40-minute drive and 5 mins drive is Bergamo town.

  • The airport is also close to few famous destinations such as Brescia, Como Lake, Garda Lake and several mountains & ski resorts in the Italian Alps.

  • It is about 35 mins drive to Monza, where the Formula 1 Italian Grand Prix will take place on 8th Sep 2019.

  • The airport operates 24 hours and for private jet passengers, they have arranged a dedicated track through their main terminal in order to speed up the security and customs procedures.

  • 该机场是意大利第三个最繁忙的国际机场,位于意大利贝加莫东南部的Orio al Serio市区。 

  • 机场位于米兰东北部仅40分钟车程,离贝加莫镇只有5分钟车程。 

  • 机场也靠近几个著名的旅游景点,如布雷西亚,科莫湖,加尔达湖和意大利阿尔卑斯山的几个山脉滑雪胜地。 

  • 蒙扎市距离机场约35分钟车程,意大利一级方程式大赛将于2019年9月8日在这里举行。 

  • 该机场是24小时运营,专门为私人飞机乘客在主航站楼安排了特别通道,以便加快安检和海关手续。 

Lugano Airport  卢加诺机场  :

Bird eye view on Lugano Airport

Bird eye view on Lugano Airport

  • When you arrive at Lugano Airport, you will be impressed with the surrounded scenery.

  • It located 6 km away from the centre of Lugano, the 3rd financial market in Switzerland. It is also close to the Italian border, allowing passenger easy access to Milan.

  • From Lugano to Milan is about 45 minutes’ drive.

  • The Airport operates seven days a week (8am – 8pm) and with advance notice it allows your own car to access the apron.

  • The FBO is just a minute walk from the parking. It is part of the ExecuJet Gloval network, one of the well-known FBO operator in the World.

  • Lugano airport is also close to a few places of interests worth visiting such as Bellinzona known for its three medieval castles, the famous Lake Como, and Locarno, an Italian-speaking resort.

  • 在飞机抵达卢加诺机场时候,周边的美丽景色将给您留下深刻的印象。 

  • 距离瑞士第三金融中心卢加诺市只有6公里。机场也靠近意大利边境,方便乘客前往米兰。 

  • 从卢加诺机场到米兰约45分钟车程。 

  • 机场周一至周日的运营时间由早上8点至晚上8点,并且如果提前通知,可允许您自己的车开进停机坪。 

  • FBO距离停车场仅有一分钟的步行路程。该FBO由ExecuJet全球固定基地(FBO)网络之一 ,ExecuJet是世界著名的FBO运营商之一。 

  • 卢加诺机场周边也一些值得参观的景点,如以三座中世纪城堡而闻名的贝林佐纳,著名的科莫湖和洛迦诺度假胜地。 

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Tropical Cyclone Trami, rated category 2, has brought heavy rain and high winds as it moves through southern Japan, leading to flight cancellations and power outages in several major cities.

Major airports on route are affected by Typhoon Trami:

  • Osaka Kansai International Airport RJBB will be closed between 11:00LT 30SEP to 06:00LT 01OCT.

  • Okinawa Naha Airport ROAH will be closed all day 29SEP to 06:00LT 30SEP

For all private jet inbound / outbound these airports in the coming 5 days it is recommended to take extreme cautious with planning and take advise from local handlers.

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Tropical Cycline Mangkhut can have a high humanitarian impact based on the maximum sustained win speed, exposed population and vulnerability. It will bring the threat for flooding rainfall and damaging winds from the Philippines and Taiwan to China into early next week.

List of Major Airports on route of Mangkhut Super Typhoon:

  • Laoag International Airport RPLI

  • Hong Kong International Airport VHHH

  • Macau International Airport VMMC

  • Nanning Wuyu International Airport ZGNN

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